Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Golden Rule

almost all chinese people look the same. with slight differences in height, degree of yellow skin, eyes shut angle, and hair. and with common feature among them which is the bad smell coming out from every single pore on their flesh! whenever I had to enter their office in one of my previous works I just spend the fewest possible time and I then run out with their smell penetrating and filling the surrounding of my nasal system. I recently reached the golden rule of recognizing chinese people. it's on the ratio of chin size to the face size. yes I used to face problem distinguishing one chinese person from another, but after this rule I can tell you from the first sight. one day we had a dinner with a delegate of five persons from the chinese partner in my x job. they talk very little. my friend who was in the dinner suggests that they do not talk because of their limited knowledge in English. but I believe their capabilities with English have nothing to do with their silence. it's that they do not feel friendly with the non chinese buddies. they only watch, speak few words when necessary, and then work really hard. any way I tried to initiate a talk with the closest to me and I thought, from his short answers to my complimenting questions, that we became friends. I knew from him that his name is Chu Yang and I was happy of that result. the next morning I saw Chu Yang in the factory working with some papers. I passed by him, smiled and said: good morning Mr Chu Yang. he looked at me and without any emotions on his face replied: I am not Chu Yang, my name is Hu Xing. and I was like: oh sorry .. how are you doing Mr Hu? and I went away. about 2 hours later, I was strolling inside the factory and I found Chu Yang taking data from one machine. I childishly hurried to him and said: good morning Mr Chu Yang, how are you today? he was pissed off when he turned his face to me saying: I told you I am not Chu Yang .. my name is Hu Xing!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

non cook women

This post comes after Hala’s post on the cooking classes in Le Royal. I’m not criticising but just giving my point of view in this issue. and I succeeded once in linking a word here with a website .. but I couldn't this time link "Hala's post" to her blog so I only highlited it!
Women keep complaining but they never change. All the work sectors are open for the woman but she’s the one who insist to limit herself in what she call “feminine job” and “feminie category”.
I used to have long talks with girls in the engineering college, of course all of them are architects and very few are in chemical or computer eng. departments and you can imagine why! and I used to ask why haven’t you chosen mechanical or electrical or civil eng ? they all had the same answer: “those are not feminine fields!” , or “ mechanical? Do you want me to work with engines?!” or “ civil? do you think it’s a good idea to be a woman directing workers in construction sites?!” .. some girl shocked me because she was very serious saying “ you know, at the end I’m gonna marry, I can’t select to work in a tough environment”!!.
And as for those who actually selected to study mechanical and industrial engineering I met three of them in one factory I worked in, and during that time I never saw one out the office! There was a team work requiring one female engineer to inspect for finished goods in the warehouses, she refused to go because she finds it inappropriate to be in the warehouse in the middle of workers! Later this girl married and disappeared, the other 2 resigned and found an office work in the city, far from factories!
4 or 5 years ago I was in the 8th circle awaiting a taxi, a female driver stopped by me, when I recognized that she’s a woman I hesitated only for a second just to think if I should sit in the front seat or back seat :) but then I made my decision and rapidly approached my hand to the back door. So she said: ma tetla3 goddam shu khawaja 7adertak?! And she moved away! Since then I have never seen a female taxi driver.
I am just giving this example to show that they start brave but they do not continue. And they lack organization and team working to achieve what they target … women are being elected in the parliament but they forget that they represent other women voices in achieving open society for both gender .. they form female committees to serve female issues but not to get involved in real system of men and women. They publish women magazines and broadcast women channels .. all discuss topics like food and beauty and whatever!
I sometimes enjoy cooking , I don’t claim that it’s a feminine issue as might other people do, and some times watch the girls movie night on channel 2 ( what a silly title) … I even worked in the most feminine industry in the world … I worked in Victoria’s Secret factory ( that was a nice experiment by the way with that huge collection of lingerie :) ) . and I do believe that women must work in all sectors … not specifying themselves narrow domains like teaching, nursing and secretary. But it needs a group work … needs continuation .. and strong welling to fight the residual thoughts about women’s domain. Because the society here can accept the woman as she was accepted in Europe, but the woman needs to pay more effort indeed.