Friday, April 20, 2007

Must Be In a Coffee Panel Test

I am a good coffee taster! and I don't use brand names to refer to abstract coffee when talking about it, people for example are used to say: let's drink Nescafé even when the coffee is made of another brand. and for me I have specific times throughout the day when I drink Turkish coffee, Greek coffee, American coffee, French coffee.... etc. when I wake up I no longer need the same type of coffee I drink after lunch, and the evening coffee must fit my circumstance as I'm coming back from work ... it should be with flavor. and even "Abu el 3abed" and "Abu Salih" coffee are only suitable for night driving around the city, or on the way when I go to Irbid. and since I discovered Maxwell House 4 years ago I stopped buying Nescafé. I really like the shape of the coffee granules in MaxwellHouse, and I like the taste of it without any additives ( coffee mate, milk powder or syrup, ..). and as for the Turkish coffee it should be intense and with a very small amount of sweetness, and should contain the upper brown layer (wijih) that comes from the first shoot when boiling, otherwise it's not drinkable.


Rambling Hal said...


And I thought I have issues!

7aki Fadi said...

I think you are hilarious and very smart with the comments you leave on my blog. Why don't you blog more? I am sure I will enjoy them :).