Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Golden Rule

almost all chinese people look the same. with slight differences in height, degree of yellow skin, eyes shut angle, and hair. and with common feature among them which is the bad smell coming out from every single pore on their flesh! whenever I had to enter their office in one of my previous works I just spend the fewest possible time and I then run out with their smell penetrating and filling the surrounding of my nasal system. I recently reached the golden rule of recognizing chinese people. it's on the ratio of chin size to the face size. yes I used to face problem distinguishing one chinese person from another, but after this rule I can tell you from the first sight. one day we had a dinner with a delegate of five persons from the chinese partner in my x job. they talk very little. my friend who was in the dinner suggests that they do not talk because of their limited knowledge in English. but I believe their capabilities with English have nothing to do with their silence. it's that they do not feel friendly with the non chinese buddies. they only watch, speak few words when necessary, and then work really hard. any way I tried to initiate a talk with the closest to me and I thought, from his short answers to my complimenting questions, that we became friends. I knew from him that his name is Chu Yang and I was happy of that result. the next morning I saw Chu Yang in the factory working with some papers. I passed by him, smiled and said: good morning Mr Chu Yang. he looked at me and without any emotions on his face replied: I am not Chu Yang, my name is Hu Xing. and I was like: oh sorry .. how are you doing Mr Hu? and I went away. about 2 hours later, I was strolling inside the factory and I found Chu Yang taking data from one machine. I childishly hurried to him and said: good morning Mr Chu Yang, how are you today? he was pissed off when he turned his face to me saying: I told you I am not Chu Yang .. my name is Hu Xing!!!

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7aki Fadi said...

For real?

Chinese people look soooo different from each other! I have trouble recognizing Chinese from Korean from Japanese.

But I agree, they are mutes and very rude, not rude because they are mean (well maybe) but rude because they literally translate Chinese to English, I once was told by this guy:

Do you work out? Because... wow you eat a eat twice as me! good good...and started smiling like an
Well I do eat like a trucker...but you should not be saying that to a lady..moo?

And man, they smile after committing murder thinking they are I would talk to a MOFO and then he would not understand and just nod and smile...GRRRRRRR, makes me angry..

Could you tell I have issues...HAHAHA..Sigh...I work with the Chinese Mafia.