Thursday, March 8, 2007

How does it go like in Turkey

Today I was reading the BBC Arabic news on their website and found the above article. Turkey is now trying to approach the EU to have itself a membership. and Ankara indeed is doing the best they can to eliminate previous unaccepted impressions about its culture, religion and jurisprudence. now they are banning this website by the higher court in the country just because of a video clip that insulted the founder of modern Turkey, who passed away 67 years ago. and they sentence to prison whoever make an insult about him. I went through Hürriyet, Turkey's famous newspaper and found the topic above in the headlines. what I could understand, which is not much because my Turkish language is not that good, is clear criticism to the insult and agreeing with the court decision.
i just want to refer to that Hürriyet, the name of the newspaper, sounds similar to the meaning in Arabic which is freedom or liberty!

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