Monday, March 5, 2007

Work in Your Head

I met atheists who claim they're religious, and I met religious who pretend they're atheists. And I met agnostics who never knew they are agnostics. And people still make themselves questions about God's existence, and they are really lost in vague mist between the affirmation and denial of Him.


Roba said...

Labels are funny.
I usually "label" myself as an agnostic, but my moral values are usually a lot higher than many of my friends who would label themselves as religious.
Interesting post.

7aki Fadi said...


You forgot secular, humanist...the list goes on.

I don't want to go through any silly religious rituals, because in my eyes, they are all the same no matter what religion you belong to. The rituals might look different, but they are allllll the same.

I don’t believe in prophets, I believe they were either wise people, or crazy people.

What does that make me?

ozz said...

roba religions assume morality but I seldom meet religious person with high moral values
7aki fadi I'll move my comment to your space since you got more readers to share